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Variety of Coursework 

If students think it, they can do it at Rampart. Academics, programs, activities and clubs come in a range of subjects, and students work with staff to develop studies that fit their interests. From building robots to designing boats to race, Rampart offers a flexible and creative space for new learning. 

International Baccalaureate 

Rigorous and optional, the IB programme challenges students to evolve as global citizens through intensified core studies and experiential and intercultural learning. They develop a meaningful connection between academics and the real world with a focus on skills and character development. 

Advanced Placement 

AP offers college level coursework, with an opportunity to earn college credit. Students learn a higher level of responsibility, while taking deep dives into world languages, math, science and other areas. In addition to testing and homework, AP courses include independent study, research and projects.  

Talented and Gifted 

Rampart TAG students are uniquely challenged through an array of academics, including AP, IB and independent study. Tailored and advanced plans are created for each TAG student according to their needs and interests. Knowledge Bowl and Science Olympiad are example of TAG co-curricular activities. 

Library Innovation Center 

Rampart’s Innovation Center is open throughout the day, offering students print and digital resources for research needs and interests. A unique creation location, the library’s makerspace supports a STEM culture with technology for programming, robotics, coding, 3D printing, design and more.