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A variety of support options

We are open to all students, all day, every period, including both lunch periods.

We support you in multiple ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Small group tutoring

  • Homework support

  • Test preparation

  • Test corrections

You will receive support from:

  • Math Teachers

  • Trained Student Tutors

  • Trained Community Volunteers

Our approach focuses upon:

  • Math reasoning and processing

  • Critical thinking and communicating mathematically

  • Reducing confusion and clarifying misconceptions

  • Improving test-taking strategies

  • Remediating skills as needed

  • Building confidnece, independence and a growth mindset


If you ever need help in math, no matter what class or ability, we are here to help!

Math Access Center during eLearning:

If you've utilized the MAC during the school day, or if you're struggling with an online math class, we would like to invite you to join the virtual MAC Lab for math assistance as we continue learning outside of the building.  To join:

  • Log in to Schoology

  • Click Courses (on the top toolbar)

  • Click My Courses (on the top right)

  • Click Join Course (button to the right)

  • Enter code: 9DZR-M6X2-9N8JJ

Courses can be found in your list of courses.  Please join the course for information on hours and other specifics.