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Purchasing a Yearbook

Yearbooks are $70 at the beginning of the year, and increase to $75 at 2nd semester. Yearbooks can be purchased on Infinite Campus, or go to book keeping in the main office.

Contacting Us

The best way to reach us is to either visit room 402 before or after school or send us an email at


Senior Portraits Due: November 4, 2022

All seniors are encouraged to submit (1) senior portrait of their choosing. The portraits in the senior section should convey a certain sense of dignity and consistency, so please photograph accordingly. The pictures must fit appropriately into the template we use and photos that do not meet the following specifications may not be included in the yearbook. The Yearbook Staff reserves the right to reject any portrait. If no portrait is submitted, the student’s school ID portrait will be printed.

Portrait Specifications

  • Images must be a minimum 2x3 inches with a resolution of 300 dpi.

  • Waist-up pose highly recommended.

  • Senior should be centered in the portrait facing the camera with both eyes visible.

  • Senior clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines.

  • Simple, uncluttered background (whether indoors or outdoors). No solid color backgrounds.

  • Color photos only; no black & white or sepia; no soft focus; no vignettes.

  • No props (no animals, hats, sunglasses, cars, sports equipment, foreign objects or additional people in photo).

  • No costumes or disguises.

  • Photos should be JPEG images.

Please email your photo to (attach the portrait, please do not cut and paste the picture into the email.) Please only submit one portrait. If there are concerns or issues with the submitted portrait, the student will be contacted after the submission deadline to correct.

You may choose the photographer of your choice, but please ensure they abide by the above specifications and can provide you a print-ready file to submit by: November 4, 2021. 

Senior Baby Ads

Senior Baby Ads Due: November 4, 2022

Follow these steps to purchase a Senior Baby Ad:

  1. Select the ad size you want to buy. Each ad has a limit to the number of photos and text characters it can fit. Please choose accordingly.

  2. Decide on your photo(s) and message.

  3. Go to, enter Rampart High School and click on Create a Baby Ad. Follow the directions online. The Yearbook Staff will complete the design. Enter your name and credit card, debit card or PayPal information, and click Submit.

Purchase your ads online at yearbookforever.comReserve your space today! After purchase, you will be emailed a confirmation receipt.


Full Page

  • 8 pictures

  • 1200 characters

  • $300

Half Page

  • 5 pictures

  • 600 characters

  • $150

Fourth Page

  • 3 pictures

  • 600 characters

  • $100

Eighth Page

  • 1 picture

  • 300 characters

  • $50



Contact our yearbook advisor,Alexis Bailey, with any questions. 

Technical Support

Email Walsworth or call them at 877-723-6344.