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The Campus Counseling Program is an integral part of the school's curriculum with a commitment to individual uniqueness, an understanding of diversity and maximum development of student potential.


12th Grade, Class of 2021, Courtney Lawson, 719 234-2023

11th Grade, Class of 2022, Holly Hilts, 719-234-2028

10th Grade, Class of 2023, Karen Hinkin, 719-234-2029

9th Grade, Class of 2024, Becky Anderson, 719-234-2032

College & Career / IB-DP, Andrea Lucero, 719-234-2027

College & Career Assistant, Leslie Cooper, 719-234-2031

SAFE Counselor, Kristen Seagren 719-234-2026

Counseling Assistant, Allison Weist, 719-234-2034

Registrar, Shirley Hoff, 719-234-2036

Counseling Services:

Military Family Life Counselor, Faith Kasper 719-246-0556

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