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Welcome to Rampart High School.  I am teaching French 1, 2 and 3 this year.  This is my fifth year at Rampart.  Go Rams!

Before coming to Rampart, I taught 4th Grade French Immersion at Academy International.  I enjoy seeing my former students here at Rampart.  In addition to teaching French, I also run the French Club  and assist with coaching tennis.  French Club is a great way to meet other students, practice the language and learn about other cultures.  I hope students become involved in French Club this year.

I love taking students to France on trips to explore the language, history and culture.  For the past two summers I worked for CIEE a company that offers 4-week student exchanges for high school students from all across the country.  I stayed in Paris for the 4 week session and enjoyed many of the sights with students.

 I also offer after school help called FLASH (French Language After School Help) on Mondays from 3- 4pm in room 211  This is an opportunity for you to get extra help, work on homework, make-up tests or get some one-on-one instruction.

I am looking forward to a new year, new and former students and lots of fun learning the French language and culture!

Mme Tornquist

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Gold 2      MYP French 2    Rm 211
Gold 3      MYP French 2     Rm 211
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