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Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE) is a program for students with barriers to employment. Educational barriers, special education qualified, limited English proficiency, economically disadvantaged (including foster care), head-of-household students, pregnant and parenting teens, non-traditional career goals, and involvement in the criminal justice system are all qualifying situations.  There may be others so please discuss your situation with your counselor or with me to see if you qualify.  Juniors and seniors are the target audience.

Students in this typically year-long program spend the first semester in the classroom completing interest inventories, performing career research, and developing academic and career plans, and also learn about personal finances, general employer expectations, job applications, interviews, resumes, workplace safety, and whatever else we can squeeze in.  An unpaid work experience (UWE) in an area of interest or skill deficiency is arranged for students during second semester as long as they earn a C or better first semester and meet readiness criteria.  Excellent attendance, being properly prepared, and behaving in a professional, responsible manner are essential for student success in a UWE.  Students with more significant social skill needs may be provided with additional UWEs in future semesters.


I feel honored to have the privilege to work with ACE students and be involved in this important partnership between students, parents/guardians, Rampart, and local businesses.  If you have any questions or desire more information, please contact me at (719) 234-2066 (desk), (719) 499-5700 (ACE cell), or


Stuart Deitrick, ACE Coordinator

2019-20 Schedule
Blue 1         ACE @ Pine Creek HS
Blue 2      ACE @ Pine Creek HS
Blue 3      ACE @ Pine Creek HS
Blue 4      ACE @ Pine Creek HS
Gold 1      UWE Site Development & Maintenance, Room 114
Gold 2      ACE Career Development, Room 115
Gold 3     Planning & Team Meetings, Rooms 114/115
Gold 4     ACE Community/In-School Work-Based Learning, Room 115
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