Dr. Kathy McCain

​Welcome to Dr. Kathy McCain's Webpage.  If you need to contact me, you can reach me at kathleen.mccain@asd20.org or 234-2069.   Homework assignments can be found on my google classroom website.



Schedule: 2017-18
​Blue 1  Staff Consultations (office - Room 114) and student intervention time
Blue 2​  Planning period (office - Room 114)
​Blue 3  Life Academic Intervention Study Hall (Room 113)
​Blue 4  Staff consultations (office -Room 114)
​Gold 1  Study Skills Intervention class (Room 113)
​Gold 2  Planning period (office - Office - Room 114)
​Gold 3  Meetings (office - room 114)
​Gold 4   Life Academic Intervention Study Hall (Room 227)
​ ​All my classes are held in rooms listed above.
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