Tech Help

 Need Tech Help?

​When you are having a technical problem, we are here for you!

First, here are some troubleshooting tips.
  • If you are trying to sign in to a school program (like Schoology, MS Teams, Outlook) and you are not finding your courses or it is not letting you sign in, you might not be at the correct site!
    • To ensure you are using the correct link/site, go to the Rampart website, click Logins, and select the program you would like to go to.

  • If you are trying to submit an assignment from your computer to Schoology and it just continues "Uploading" but never actually uploads, your school device may need to do some updating.
    • This may happen if you have a school device and you do not log in to the school WiFi regularly.
    • The solution is to log on to the school WiFi (which you can do from the school building, school parking lot, and sometimes by signing in to Global Protect)
    • If you do not have time to come to the school and log on to the school WiFi, a temporary solution is to upload your work to either Google Drive or OneDrive to submit.  Click Submit-->Resources-->Apps-->select the drive and the assignment-->Import

  • Chromebooks often do not cooperate with the tools used by the district, and they are not suggested for purchase to use within the district.  Our tech team may not be able to help fix some issues with Chromebooks
    • The solution is to check out one of the school devices available.  The technology fee is being waived this year, and the device is equipped with everything you need to participate in class and submit assignments.  It even flips into a tablet!

 Meet the Tech Team

Carol Kramer
Assessment and Technology Coordinator

District Tech Technicians

Bryan Phillips

Anthony Daniell

 Help Tickets

​If you have tried some of the troubleshooting tips to the left and still cannot find a solution to your technology problem, please submit a help ticket to the tech team.

Email the following information to

1. Are you using a Chromebook, personal Windows computer, smartphone (iPhone or Android?), iPad, Mac, or Rampart laptop?

2. What is a good phone number to contact you if we need to speak with you?

3. Please include a detailed description of what is happening including how you get to the site that is having issues, the exact steps that you are taking, (ex: opened Chrome, went to, logged in to Schoology, clicked Classes, clicked Algebra2, etc.) as well as the full, exact error message if applicable.

4. Please include a screenshot so we can see what is happening.