Summer Reading

​Summer Reading 2019

Please read the pdf for the appropriate class for instructions and the assignment you should complete for your English class next year.

AP Lang

2019-2020 AP Lang_Summer and Required Reading_All teachers (1).pdf

AP Lit

AP Lit Summer Reading 2019.pdf

DP HL 1 and HL 2

DP Summer Reading Assignment HL 1 2019-2020.pdf

DP Summer Reading Assignment HL 2 2019-2020.pdf

Junior Class of 2021 (American Literature and Composition)

American Literature and Composition (11th Grade English) Summer Reading 2019.pdf

Sophomores Class of 2022

Please read the first attachment for instructions.  You will read all 4 stories and complete the assignment to be collected in August.

Sophomore Summer reading assignment 2019-2020.pdf

Sophomore Summer Reading Packet (includes stories) 2019-2020.pdf

Freshmen Class of 2023

Please read the instructions and the written assignment below.  You will pick a novel with a hero as the protagonist, read it, and complete the assignment to be collected during the first week of school!

MYP I Summer Reading 2019-2020.pdf