The Rampart High School Logo

Our logo is vitally important to the brand. It acts as a signature, an identifier, and a stamp of quality. Every element in the logo possess specific meaning and embodies the unique attributes of our district and our schools.


  • Do not change the logo colors.
  • Do not distort the logo in any way.
  • Do not place the logo too close to other design elements.
  • Do not add graphics to the logo.
  • Do not substitute another font in the logo.
  • Do not tilt or angle the logo.
  • Do not use the symbol (design element) separately from the wordmark (our name).
  • Do not add special effects to the logo (i.e. drop-shadows or outlines).
  • Do not use the logo as a decorative element behind text.


Most often you will need either a .png or .eps version of the logo.

  • .eps is scalable, it is a very large file so it is appropriate for things like large banners.
  • .png file type can have a transparent background, making it ideal for most web applications.

See the table for more examples of ideal uses for each file type. 


​Example Project​.EPS​.JPG​.PNG
​Banners, posters, ads, signs, etc.​X
​Water bottles, mugs, pencils, t-shirts, tablecloths, etc.​X
​Word Documents​X​X
​Transparent Background​X
​External websites​X​X


If you need other versions of the logo, or have questions, please contact the Department for Communication (socialmedia@asd20.org)

PNG files:

click the logos below to view or download the full image.