School Nurse

Kary Donohue, RN is the school nurse for Rampart High School for the 2017-2018 school year. Kary will typically be in the building on Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 to 3:00.

Kary has been a registered nurse for seven years and a school nurse for the past three years. She and her husband, Steven, moved to Colorado Springs in 2016 due to military
orders. All three of their children are currently attending D20 schools.

The purpose of the school nurse is to maintain and manage the health files and medical conditions of our students.

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Kary Donohue, RN

Liz Wetherby, Attendance 


The RHS Health Room is designed to be a place of temporary respite for students who are not feeling well. Students can only enter the Health Room after assessment by the Attendance team.

If a student is not feeling well, they will come down to Attendance, either on their own or escorted by another student.
Students will be accessed by the Attendance team and/or school nurse, to determine the best course of action.
Students will be sent home under the following circumstances:
     1. throwing up
     2. fever of 100.5 or higher
911* will be called under the following circumstances:
     1. Life-threatening emergencies
     3. Any other illness or emergency that warrants a 911 response team
*there is no charge for 911 to respond to Rampart, charges come when students are transported to a medical facility.
Students will be allowed to enter the Health Room and rest for 15 minutes:
     1. If a quick rest will enable them to return to the classroom environment
     2. If a longer rest is needed, students will be sent home.

Academy District 20 High School students can self-carry and use OTC pain medications and throat lozenges in their original containers. (example: Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.)

Academy District 20 High School students can self-carry and use all medications (example: prescriptions, epipens and inhalers). However, no controlled substances. It is preferrred that they have documentation on file with the school nurse.

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