​The Rampart LMC handles all textbooks, English novels and assorted devices for the school that are checked-out to students. Students are responsible for the full replacement value of any lost, missing, or damaged books and items.

Textbooks are issued at Check-In Day during August. After Check-In Day they will be issued from the Textbook Central Door or the Library Office.
TI-84 Calculators are also available, you need a note from your math teacher to get one.

Click here to see what items are checked out to you:
Use student number and password to login to student textbook accounts.

Please take care with your textbooks:
  • Write your name on the inside front cover.
  • Keep them away from pets.
  • Keep them away from liquids.
  • Do not leave them in classrooms (you are responsible for them, not your teacher).
  • Keep them separate from your friends' books and your locker partner's.
If you have any textbook related questions, please contact the Library/Textbook clerk: linda.bode@asd20.org