Authentic RESEARCH begins here!


Step 1 - Here are the tools to track of your sources, correctly cite them and avoid plagiarism:

Bibliographies & Citations

NoodleTools Logo.png


Use for help with in-text citations.

Step 2 - Keep track of your documents:

All student work must be saved to their school Google account, Microsoft Account, or on a USB drive.  Do not save to school computers as they are occasionally wiped of student profiles (this means your work will also be deleted from the computer)

password: IC password
password: IC password


 Step 3 - Use reliable & credible sources:

Search Apps/eBooks

Please get passwords from library staff! Login hint: school/mascot!

LogoABC.gif   Specialized information dealing

with social studies topics.


Login is with your

student number and password.

 Information about every
country in the world.
 Access to numerous databases
on nearly every topic.
This password just changed! (We are # 1)
Access to numerous databases on many topics.

Search only scholarly journals!

Use this link to access Rampart Account

Your username is a little different here (hs)!

Access to eBooks

If prompted, select: Rampart High School

Login with  and password

Access to eBooks

Login with IC # and password
Also, download the app on your mobile device!


Make sure you have your own
PPLD Library Card.


Get code from teacher to
create personal account. 

(use your school Gmail address!)

LogoWorldBook.gif Username & Password
-ask Library Staff
 Step 4 - Create!

Creation Tools

You can use your Google Drive or One Drive to create your project or paper.  Discovery Education (see step 3) is good for creating boards.  You also have access to the following through your school account.

Adobe Spark.jpg
Password: Your IC Password