Sports Registration


NEW: CHSAA and District 20 REQUIRE both athlete and parent/guardian set up an account on; this MUST be done for an athlete to be added to the sport roster. The tutorial is available below under the PlanetHS Parent Student Getting Started Reg. .

Athletes CANNOT begin practice until the online registration process is complete. Athletes MUST have a current sports physical good through the entire season, signed by a physician, and uploaded on If it expires at any time during the season you cannot tryout or practice – NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  All sports are open for registration with start dates from CHSAA listed in the document below as of 8/4/20


 Sports Registration - Athletic Office Hours 7:30am-3:30pm

Expectations & Procedures​​
NEW: Effective Fall Sports 2019, District 20 is using an online sports registration process via formerly ArbiterAthlete. Please follow the guidelines attached.  Planet HS Parent Student Getting Started Reg GOOD.pdf

Every athlete & parent/guardian at Rampart High School must complete the online registration process via the planetHS. If the online registration is not completed, the athlete will not be added to the roster and will not be  allowed to participate until all requirements have been complete. You are required to register online for each season, each school year that the student participates (you can mark all sports during the first season if you would like but it must be completed each year). Participating in a summer camp does not automatically get you registered for a sport.

 Physical: must have a current physical that is verified by a doctor's signature and date. Physical must be good thru the entire season - absolutely no exceptions.


Eligibility is checked at the time of registration for grades and course enrollments. For fall and spring seasons, the previous semesters grades are also checked. If you have two "F"s you are ineligible until the CHSAA re-entry date. Grades are then checked every other Monday. Any questions regarding eligibility requirements, please contact the Athletic Office (719) 234-2050.

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 Sports Registration Check List

To complete your registration and be eligible for the 1st day of practice ONLINE registration must be complete.  See complete schedule with sports above.

Season A due August 3rd

Season B due January 4th

Season C due March 1st

Season D due April 26th



__ Eligibility  A student must carry a minimum of five full credits (previous and current semester) and fail no more than one credit from the previous semester.

__ Online Registration Registration must be completed online via planetHS. 

__ Current Physical Signed and dated by a doctor. Physicals must last through entire sport season. Date of physical must be on physical form. Physicals will be uploaded as part of the Online Registration process. 

__ Athletic Fees $95 ($275 hockey) See below for complete information. Fees can can either be paid online with or in the Athletic Office.

__ Transfer Students If you have transferred to Rampart from another school (other than 9th graders) and this is your FIRST season to participate in a sport at RHS, you must complete the Transfer Forms on

 Athletic Fees

Athletic Fees are $95 per season/per student and Out of District students have a fee of $142.50. Payment is due at time of registration: check, cash or pay online at PayForIt is accepted. Checks should be made payable to Rampart High School. If paying with cash, please bring exact amount. Hockey: RHS students $275, Hockey: Out of District students $412.50.

If your D20 athlete participates in multiple sports or you have a multiple athlete family please refer to the following chart for the maximum Athletic Fees:

Per athlete per year
Per family per season
Per family per year
Ice Hockey
$400 maximum
$400 maximum
$800 maximum
$240 maximum
$240 maximum
$480 maximum
Please call the Athletic Office for Out of District fees or Free and Reduced-Lunch athletic fee rates.

Fees will be returned to students that do not make the teams. Fees are not refundable for athletes that choose not to participate once the season has started.

Subject: Calendar for CHSAA 2020-2021 Activities


SeasonSportPracticeFirst CompetitionChampionship (Tentative)Max Contests
Season ACross Country8/128/1510/177
Boys Golf8/38/610/5 & 10/6198 holes
Boys Tennis8/108/139/25-9/26See bulletin
Season BBasketball1/41/73/616 (4A/5A); 13 (1A-3A)
Ice Hockey1/41/7TBD13
Skiing1/41/72/26See bulletin
Competitive Spirit9/24
Sideline Spirit9/24
Girls Swimming1/41/7TBD7 + league
Wrestling1/41/73/67 duals + 7 days
Season CField Hockey3/13/4TBD10
Boys Soccer3/13/4TBD10
Unified Bowling3/13/4TBD6
Girls Volleyball3/13/45/116
Season DBaseball4/264/296/2616 (2A-5A); 13 (1A)
Girls Golf4/264/29TBD198 holes
Boys Lacrosse4/264/29TBD10
Girls Lacrosse4/264/296/2310
Girls Soccer4/264/29TBD10
Boys Swimming4/264/29TBD7 + league
Girls Tennis4/264/296/11-12See bulletin
Track and Field4/264/29TBD8
Boys Volleyball4/264/296/1916
ActivitiesStudent LeadershipFollowing a typical schedule.
MusicFollowing a typical schedule.
Speech - Festival10/1
Speech - Tournament11/1