ASD20 Concussion Protocol

‚ÄčIt is Academy District 20's priority to ensure the safety and well-being of all student-athletes participating in district 20 athletic programs and activities. To ensure safe return-to-play for all student athletes, the district has enacted the following protocol for concussions:


Based on the recommendations of the National Athletic Trainers' Association, the National Federation of State High School Associations, and the guidelines outlined in the 4th International Zurich Concussion Conference, if a concussion is suspected the following will occur:

1)      The student- athlete suspected of having a concussion will be removed from play immediately.

2)      Any athlete that has a suspected concussion must be seen and cleared by a physician IN WRITING prior to return to play:

 CHSAA rule 1790.2: "If at any time during participation, a student-athlete is removed from participation due to head trauma, the student-athlete must obtain a written release from a licensed practitioner before participating again. A school or school district may impose stricter standards." b. CHSAA rule1790.2:  "If at any time during participation, a licensed practitioner removes an athlete from participation because of illness or injury, the athlete must have a WRITTEN RELEASE from a licensed practitioner before participating again. The licensed practitioners are MD's, DO's, Nurse Practitioners, and PA's".

3)      The student-athlete will be given an at-home-care informational sheet: RHS Concussion at home care.pdf for Head Injuries as well as a Letter to the Doctor :RHS Concussion Letter for Physicians.pdf that explains to the attending doctor what District 20's concussion protocol entails. The doctor is to sign the letter at the bottom indicating how he/she would like the athletic trainer to proceed. **The Athletic Trainer will follow the D20 Protocol outlined below unless further instructed IN WRITING by a physician. The Athletic Trainer CANNOT release an athlete for FULL CONTACT without a DOCTOR'S CONSENT***

4)      MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Neuro-Psych, & PAs are the ONLY eligible entities allowed to release a student-athlete for return-to-play.

5)      The student-athlete will follow the below return-to-play protocol:
Step 1: No physical activity while the athlete has symptoms; the athlete will be asked to fill out a graded symptom check every day to indicate how he/she is feeling via (provided the athlete has a baseline)
Step 2: Once the athlete is asymptomatic (no longer has symptoms) for 24 hours, the athlete will be asked to perform a post-injury concussion test via; they will also start a PROGRESSIVE RETURN TO PLAY starting with LIGHT/ LOW LEVEL activity (NO CONTACT)

Step 3: As long as the athlete remains symptom free, progress to MODERATE exertion (running, skating, jump shots, shots on goal, etc). NO CONTACT

Step 4: HEAVY exertion, NON-CONTACT drills

Step 5: FULL CONTACT in practice setting; scrimmage

Step 6: FULL RELEASE provided the athlete's post-injury test is back to baseline AND the athlete has WRITTEN RELEASE from his/her doctor


** The athlete must remain SYMPTOM FREE to progress to each new step. If symptoms occur, the athlete must go back to Step 1 (graded symptom check until symptom free again for 24 hours)