Please contact the IB/DP Office (Room 104), if your questions are not answered here.




When do I register for the IB exams?

During the month of September and October. Registration forms are distributed during Academic Time.        
Can I register for an HL exam even though I’m in an SL course?
No. Remember, an HL exam requires two years of instruction in the same subject. An SL exam is only one year of instruction.
Can I register for an SL exam even though I’m in an HL course?
What happens if I don't complete an internal assessment for an IB subject?
Yes. will not be awarded the IB diploma and you will not receive a grade from IB. You will be ineligible to receive college credit for the subject.


When are the IB DP Written exams administered?
During the month of May (Some Juniors & All Seniors)
When are the IB DP Oral exams administered?
During the month of Feburary and March (Seniors Only) 
When do I receive my exam results?
During the first week of July. You will receive a PIN to access your scores on-line. No results will be mailed to you. See RHS DP Staff. 

Do all colleges and universities award the same amount of credit for IB exams?

No. There is no standardization among colleges and universities as to how much credit will be awarded.


How does my college obtain my IB exam results?

When you are a senior, you will complete a form (during the administration of the IB exams) informing the IB/DP Office as to what college you want your scores sent. After the results have been issued in July, the IB North America Regional Office will send your results electronically to your college.


What if I’m not happy with one or more of my IB exam results. Can I appeal the score(s)?

Yes. There is a fee for each IB exam that is appealed. A senior examiner will review all components of the exam and determine if an error was made. If the IB discovers that your score is not correct, they will either increase it or lower it. The IB Coordinator will be informed by e-mail if there is a change in the grade or if the grade remains the same.


How much do the IB exams cost?

The amount changes from year-to-year and is set by International Baccalaureate Organization 

Each registration includes the following costs for school year:

Registration fee: This is a one time fee and is paid by the student during the junior year, if the student is taking exams (subject dependent) during the junior year. If the fee is not paid during the junior year, it is paid during the senior year. 

Subject fee (per subject): Student is responsible for paying this fee for each subject exam they take.